Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tempo Tuesday

I don't know why every workout seems to be a tempo workout these days. It seems that all my runs lately also involve looping of some sorts. I had originally planned a scaled down easy 6km for lunch today, not having time for a full run. But when one of my meetings ended early I decided to take the opportunity to double that to 12km since I thought it would be cool to have run 60 km so far this week. That also meant that I had to up the pace just a bit to make it in time for my after lunch meeting. I did 2 loops of the bridges:
Finishing the run in about 58 minutes, I got back just in time for my after-lunch meeting to find out it was not happening due to some technical difficulties. Ah well, at least I have another tempo run under my belt.

I really love the marathon training plan from Canadian Running. While I'm not really using the plan as is, I'm taking lots of inspiration from it to know when to run tempos, easy pace and also to ration the amount of weight-training I am doing. From the results I'm seeing, I think it's working. While I never really counted my weekly mileage in the past, I don't ever remember going over 60km and I still feel perfectly fine, if a bit sore. 18 months ago when I trained for my first marathon, my long runs would take all my energy away and my knees would hurt for days. Yay for being in such good running shape in the middle of winter!


  1. Nice run!

    Great to hear that you seem to be handling the increased mileage well. There's no doubt you're a stronger runner this time around!

  2. Yes, if you're running more than 3 days a week, it's important to have variety in your runs, i.e., all are not hard. Glad you're running well and are feeling good!

  3. I think it's awesome that you get out for your lunches! Hopefully the weather will improve for all of us in the north!

  4. I have to agree with Shirley, it is important to mix it up. Glad you got into the Kilt run sans kilt....we will see you in February for the Tweetup....