Monday, July 13, 2009

Cold and Windy

When I got out this morning, I was shocked by how cold it was! We're in the middle of July, not September!!! The 11 degrees temperature didn't stop me from having a pretty good ride at just under 58 minutes total time.

The ride home however was a bit of a downer with winds of up to 26km/h. It took me almost an hour and ten minutes to get home.
I shouldn't complain too much, I guess the training counts as double under these conditions. The knee was acting up a bit being sensitive when I was pedaling but after I'm done it's not really sore so hopefully there's no damage done.

Tomorrow I'm taking it easy and calling it a rest day for my legs with maybe some swimming if I can make time for it.

In the mix today is Naan's commercial hits and the Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack.


  1. nice job on the ride... resistance training! LOL I had one of those rides last week. Enjoy the day off or swim, whichever you decide. Hope the knee sin't too bothersome for long!

  2. oops, that was supposed to be "isn't"

  3. I've been surprised (and pleased!) at how nice and cool it is in the mornings.

    Sounds like you got a good workout on the way home.