Friday, July 3, 2009

Wet and windy

This morning's commute was pretty good. I was a bit damp from the light rain but nothing major. The commute home however was spent battling 15-20km/h winds and for the last leg with a pretty heavy rainfall. I didn't want to risk the high speed roads with the rain and the wind so I took Gladstone to Wellington and then headed West until I got home. I was pretty wet when I got home.
Unfortunately, I don't have any more wet pet pictures after this one of our dog Amy after her bath. I hope that this means that it won't rain on me anymore this year.

I'm having problems with my stats because the web site I usually use has been replaced by a supposedly better and newer version. However my friendly fitness device company, Garmin, messed it up and gave me a new site that only has half the features of the old one. Morning commute was 59m43s, evening one 68m30s. Sorry, no moving time and average speed anymore either :(

I wanted to go swimming tonight but I don't feel like it anymore so I'm using one of my guilt free skip a training card. I think I've been quite a trooper this week already. Hopefully I can get a run in tomorrow or Sunday, I haven't run in over a week!

In the mix today we had Sugar's dreamy and floaty Bionic Wonderland and Freeform's summery Taste of Freeform 4.


  1. What program are you using? I can still get moving time and avg speed on MotionBased.

  2. MotionBased no longer accepts my uploads, they said to move to Garmin Connect. Hopefully they are reversing the decision..