Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Negative Split

Okay, it's not really a negative split since it's actually two different workouts but I think this is the first time that the commute home is faster than the commute in the morning. I had a bit of help from the wind in the afternoon and I'm happy to report that while I got a bit damp this morning I didn't get wet.
Lots of green on the way home, I like that. The morning commute took about 1h01 and the way home was more speedy at 56 minutes.

Tomorrow is swimming since the schedule is getting too tight again. A noteworthy fact is that if MotionBased was actually working for me today, this would be my 203rd bike entry. Why is this significant? Because I also have 203 runs in MotionBased. So I am now evenly trained between runs and rides since I got my Garmin a few years ago. Not unlike other bloggers out there, I am also drooling over a new model of the Garmin but will wait to see what happens with Garmin connect before I jump in.

In the mix was Infected Mushroom's The Gathering. However because of power failure, most of the ride was actually to the sound of traffic.


  1. Thanks for your support - I would really love one of those babies!

    I think that counts as a negative split - great job!

  2. with the swimming, the new Garmin would be awesome... thinking of waiting a bit to read more reviews first though. Funny that you have an even amount of runs and rides! Have a great day!

  3. I have garmin envy, too!!!

    Congrats on your equal bikes/runs. I have not even been on my bike since September 27th (my first/last tri!).