Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Alex called Wednesday Hump day last night and it made me smile. The Hump he referred to is the middle point of the week, like the Hump on a camel's back. I guess that the week is almost over now that we are over the Hump :)

I was pretty quick this morning, clocking in at 50 minutes moving time giving me a average moving speed of 30.1km/h!
Thanks to RunSaturday for the beautiful speed heatmap:
All I can think about now when I'm riding is "oh oh, I'm slipping into the purple" or "just a bit more and I'm in the green". Seeing the speed on the map like that makes me strive for more difficult targets. Maybe I should focus on trying to have the whole ride the same color?

The ride home was pretty sweet too, coming in at 58m47s. I ran into another biker that I've seen a few times now and I always try to "shake him" but he always meets me back at the lights. I was able to shake him off after the lights on Hazeldean today. Wonder if he thinks about trying to catch me? :)

Tomorrow is not a biking day. Maybe a run if the weather and schedule is good, otherwise I'll go for a swim.

The mix today was provided by Atomic Records, which I just found out is now defunct. RIP Atomic. Powder and Kiss the Future 3 were fueling my heavy pounding of the bike pedals.


  1. "I'm slipping into purple or green"... that's lovely.

  2. I always call Wednesday Hump Day too.

    Great ride! You're doing awesome sticking to the cycle-commuting.

  3. Keep riding and you'll shake him soon enough! :D