Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunny 10k

What a beautiful day today. I slipped out of bed early (well, early for me ;) and put on my brand new Saucony shoes and headed out for a test run. I didn't feel like I needed to push myself too much after biking over 150km this week so I went pretty easy. It felt good even if it got a bit warm by the end of the run. The shoes are pretty good but I need to adjust my lacing next time, my small toe was a bit numb by the middle point of the run.

Thankfully, MotionBased is working for me today so I can share some nice stats:
This is a pretty convenient route for me with just a few traffic lights. The knee is a bit sore but nothing too crazy. I plan to bike to work tomorrow and hopefully at least 2 other times again this week depending on my schedule.

I'm not too sure if I am training right for the triathlon. I defintively think that the area I can improve the most is the biking so I've been putting most of my efforts towards that, but I feel that I'm pushing that one so hard that my swimming and running are taking a back seat. The re-opening of the pool near my work in 2 weeks should help with getting a more regular swim training.

Xenomorph's deliciously dark and gloomy Qlippoth in the mix to contrast the cloudless sunny skies.


  1. A sunny 10km with lovely new shoes? Sounds like a great Sunday. 150kms?! You should be so proud, well done!

  2. Nice run!

    You had some great biking mileage last week. I often wonder how triathletes juggle the disciplines. Sometimes I have a hard enough time scheduling running!

  3. Nothing like a new pair of running shoes :) Hope your knee feels better soon!