Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tempo Sunday

One of my big fears as I transition into triathlon is that the sport I take for granted and love so much (running) will suffer. I've definitively been treating it as my least favorite child lately. The reason is simple: the effort that I put into biking and swimming will more likely result in bigger gains for the race in September. So today, I decided to take my forgotten friend out for a bit and go all out on a Tempo run and see if it would hold a grudge against me and make me slower. I happily realized that running had been waiting impatiently for me and I was rewarded with a beautiful fast run.

I completed my 6km in a little less than 27 minutes. Pretty impressive time considering all the stress I've put my muscles under in the last few days with all the biking and even some swimming yesterday.

I used RunSaturday to track this activity for the first time and I am pretty impressed. Thanks to Marlene for introducing me to it. I'm a stats geek and I get excited with the neat graphs like this one for my speed, which was, I must admit, totally uneven!
The maps are really cool, especially the heat maps like this one showing the speed with the course itself. I love it!
If you like stats as much as I do, you can go here to see all the different data about my run. I think I might have found a replacement for MotionBased when they turn off uploads at the end of the month.

I sound giddy. It must be the endorphins speaking. I am after all, the EndorphinBuzz :)

I the mix today we had some electro jazz provided by Dzihan and Kamien's Freaks and Icons.


  1. Nice run,nice pace and nice stats. I think I can feel a tri in my future and my worries are the same as yours - so it's good to hear you can still run!

  2. I'm glad you are liking RunSaturday! I love all the "bells and whistles." Great run!

  3. Great run!! Thanks for the RunSaturday link! I really only analyze my garmin data to look at the map and maybe my pace splits. I should get into nifty graphs, too!

  4. You know, many coaches, including mine, say that tris will make you a better/faster runner. I never believed it until recently. I think I need to write a post about this ...

    Good job on your run!

  5. funny how running has taken a back seat for you too. I found that since I've gotten the ok to run, I'm still favoring swimming and riding, and run when i can't do the other two. I like RunSaturday too, but haven't updated there lately. hmmm.