Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dry Again!

Tuesday's commute saw me get lucky again. Despite a threatening forecast of 70% chance of showers with total precipitations expected at 10mm and dark clouds looming on the horizon, I didn't get more than a few drops in the morning.

The commute was especially hard this time around after a weekend of stuffing myself silly and a fantastic evening with my friend from FoodiePrints at Ottawa's l'Atelier. You'll be able to read about it over at FoodiePrints very soon I am told. So the fantastic meal at l'Atelier saw me going to bed much later than usual and waking up with a higher concentration of alcohol in my blood than I am regularly used to :) That glass of vidal icewine I had at the end of the 12 course tasting menu was to die for, it was completely worth the small pain I suffered in the commute.

I took the Carling route since I didn't want to risk being caught on the Parkway in the middle of heavy winds or even a thunderstorm.
Seems like I caught a lot of red lights with almost 5 minutes of non-moving time. I left for home heading into a dark gray cloud. Lucky for me, the winds were cooperating and by the time I got home, the cloud had moved just enough for me to escape the rains.

Let's hope my luck defying the weather continues as I plan to ride in to work for the remainder of the week (today is a holiday, Happy Canada Day!). The current forecast for tomorrow and Friday is 70% and 80% chances of shower with 5-10mm of expected precipitations for each day.


  1. Well done on your commute in spite of what sounds suspiciously like a hangover. I usually use a hangover (as they happen so rarely) as an excuse to completely laze the day away. You're the bomb!

    Still, karma repaid you for your efforts by keeping off the rain, it sounds like!

  2. You have definitely been pushing your luck with the weather lately. Good for you for not using the forecast as an excuse NOT to commute.

    [That tasting sounds divine!]