Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Quick update

I'm resting today (again?) since I'm a bit too busy/lazy to fit anything in. I'll bike to work tomorrow, in the rain if I have to, to make up for it.
I swam yesterday. Another good one with times of 16 and 19 minutes for each of my 750m sets. The pool felt pretty busy so when I saw this picture in the Ottawa Citizen this morning I felt their pain.

Apparently, as some of my readers pointed out, I need a race to 'officialize' my 10k PB so I will have to find a race around here and do just that. It will be exciting, I never raced a 10k before.


  1. Yay, a first 10K! I'm looking into doing a 10K in my area as well. It would be my first race too. :)

  2. That picture is full on. Well done swimming with other people. My local pool is always so empty that if someone wants to swim in the same lane as me I hurry up, finish and get out. Great for pushing me to be faster...

  3. 10K is a fun distance to race - not quite as painful as a 5K. :)