Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Already?

Is it Monday already? I wasn't prepared for a Monday!!! I had a meeting real early today too so I woke up extra early to schedule some buffer time to make it for sure. Morning commute was about 1h02 and when I came home there were some grey clouds and crazy wind gusts of up to 39km/h. Does that mean I really put in the effort for 60km/h if I managed to hold 20km/h? hehehe.

No time for fancy graphics tonight, sorry. I took the same route as usual. When I came home I realized I needed to true my wheel and pump the tires a bit. I've been neglecting my bike lately.

What's for tomorrow? More biking! Yeah. And if I feel right maybe even a Brick run after. Now that I said it, I think I *have* to do it :)

In the mix today was a throwback in time with 24 hour party people and musician activists Les Cowboys Fringants with La Grand-Messe.


  1. I find it so cool that you bike to work. I hope to be able to do that too someday.

  2. I think you've inspired me to start commuting. I've booked my bike in for a big service and have been assured it's not too dangerous riding home at night where I am. Should start in a week or so! Will let you know how I go!

    Keep up the inspiring work!

  3. Monday always comes too soon.

    Those are some crazy winds. I'm sure it FELT like a 60kph effort!