Wednesday, April 8, 2009

4 Course Meal & Cycling

I will be imitating my friend from foodiePrints and describing my delicious meal at Algonquin's Restaurant International. We had some errands to run in that neck of the woods, so a suggestion was made, reservations were arranged and next thing I know I was sitting down and a friendly student from the Hospitality program was taking my order that would be prepared by a culinary student. Cool.

I started with the crab cakes with mango chutney that were very delicious and spiced just right. I ate them before I could think of taking a picture, however I have picture of my appetizing and fruity salad:
It was pretty good even if a bit on the bland side. It was mentionned by my partner after I ate it that the cabbage the salad came wrapped in was not meant to be eaten, but it looked like it was edible to me. I followed up with the main course of rabbit with some rice and perfectly cooked if slightly cold vegetables:
It came with a delicious little broccoli that I ate before taking the picture. Sorry, I'm still new at this foodiePrinting business ;) The rice was a bit mushy but otherwise well seasoned, the rabbit was pretty good if also a bit blend and the sauce was definitively not rich enough. It was still a very good pairing and I really enjoyed it. Then came the desserts. There was a bit of a contest as to who picked the best looking desert so I took pictures of both the fruity concoction:
and the delicious chocolate one:
I will let you guess which one was mine. I enjoyed my dessert even if there again it may have been a bit undersweetened or underflavored. The chocolate sauce that was spread around the plate however was really really delicious.

Overall the meal was a really fun experience. From the shy but friendly waiter to the food that was delicious, even if it missed maybe a bit of polish. I could see this meal costing double the price in a real restaurant where, of course, they would have ironed out all the kinks. Thanks goes to my generous boyfriend Alex for picking up the tab.

I got home with enough time to go for an indoor cycling session. This time the bike says my virtual distance is 28km and since I pushed really hard, I will convince myself that it is right :)

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