Sunday, April 5, 2009

Long Windy Sunday

I finally made some time to go for a long run. The day was perfect, except for the wind. I had to wrestle with 30km/h gusts while I made my way across the trails and sidewalks, trying to rack the kilometers all the way to 15.
It was quite a good run considering the conditions. I snaked across Walter Baker Park (WBP) where I took the opportunity to do a bit of hill training by running up the snow hill a few times. BTW, if you are in the area, do not go up there unless you really want to, it's been used for what looks like a party spot for teenagers with empty beer cans, human waste and used "protection". After getting bored at WBP, I headed to Palladium drive where I took a detour by the very busy CostCo and HomeDepot. You wouldn't believe there is a recession on with all the traffic leading up to these stores. I finished my run by going around ScotiaBank Place and doing two laps around the Palladium Auto Circle.

I was happy that the run was over when I got home, the wind made it really hard to sustain any kind of speed.

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  1. Jenn says that she used to hill train in WBP. Her descriptions were "colourful." She also recommends Mooney's Bay and a soccer field somewhere in Gloucester. She also has "colourful" memories of stair training :P