Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easy commute

I took it easy today. The cycle into work was pretty good at one hour two minutes. I had a bit of a headwind but overall it was pretty easy.
On my way home, I had a bit of a tailwind but I took it easy. My right knee was giving me troubles when I pushed too hard so I'll have to focus on stretching. My self diagnosis is that my hamstring is too tight and needs a bit of special attention...
I stopped in Bell's Corners for more air for my back tire since I thought it was a bit low. It's interesting that all the garages have switched to paying air pumps instead of being free like in the old days. Petro-Canada was asking $1 so I tried my luck again and found Canadian Tire was a much better deal for $0.50. I inflated the tires to 4. I think it may be a bit too much now, I'll see tomorrow if I need to remove some air.

Matsuri records in the mix today with Abstract Phaze and Let it rip.

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