Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Commute

Since it was Earth Day today, I braved the elements and biked to work even if there was a threat of rain. I was pretty lucky since I only got some light drizzle in the morning and some rain at the end of my evening commute. The morning went well and fairly fast. I think the rain motivated me in getting there faster and not slowing down so I could keep warm :)
The evening commute was a bit slower. There was quite a bit of headwind. I know, you guys will start thinking I use that as an excuse but it's true!! Also, I had a bit of a different schedule today going to the dentist after work so that may have affected the traffic as well, possibly slowing me down...

Overall it was a pretty good day for the commutes. X-Dream's Radio and The Frog as well as Noosphere's Aqua in the mix.

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