Monday, April 20, 2009

Lunch time 10k

I took some time out at lunch today and went to enjoy the beautiful weather. The temperature was just perfect for a run with some clouds to keep it cool. There was a bit of wind however but nothing too crazy. I did my usual summertime 10k run to pretoria bridge and back.
I did go a bit slow at the beginning until I looked at my watch at kilometer 7 and realized that I was way slower than I would have wished. So I sped up!
Overall it was a good run. I'm satisfied with the results and think I am progressing well towards my goal of getting back to sub 45minutes for a 10km.

Nine Inch Nails' With Teeth
in the mix. Congrats to Trent for landing his music in Wanted. Wanted is a pretty good movie btw if you like action type movies. It would stand out even if you took Angelina's naked shot out ;)

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