Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Under 19 minutes again!

Swimming today was a breeze. I came in at about 19 minutes again and this time the count is accurate :) I tried some tumbling but then the pool got busy so I used the touch and turn to make sure I don't hurt anyone.

After my regular laps, I did a cool down with about a dozen laps of breast strokes. I then lazed in the pool for another 15-20 minutes, alternating between freestyle and breast stroke. When the pool got quieter, I even practiced a bit of tumbling. I'm still struggling with my breathing technique pre-tumble and my return to swimming once I turned. I have to watch some more videos to figure out how I should emerge and start swimming again. I could also improve my technique so I don't get so much water in my nose!!

I was having lunch today with my friend that runs foodiePrints (check it out it's full of delicious recipes and restaurant reviews). He commented on my running and calling it impressive or a similar compliment. My immediate reaction, besides blushing, was to say that it's not that crazy. 30km a week of running is not uncommon and when I look up at my running role models, I find that I am really not that special. However, if 10 years ago, my 19 year old self was to read this, he most probably would think that whoever is behind this blog is nuts. Funny how constantly challenging your limits will make these limits move away further and further :) Thanks for bringing me some perspective Don!!

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