Friday, April 3, 2009

Swimming Reward

Swimming always feel like a reward for me. I don't know if it's because it involves less impact than the other sports I practice or if it's the quietness of being underwater but it always feel relaxing. It may help that I usually follow my swim with a sauna or jacuzzi session depending on the facility...

Today's swim was amazing. I did my usual 750m in about 19 minutes. I lost count again so give or take a minute. It's hard to keep count while focusing on breathing and tumbling. Yes, tumbling. I tried some new moves today and I did not swallow any water, yippie. Maybe the tumbles explain shaving so many seconds off my time or then again, maybe my counting was really off ;)

The pool was relatively quiet so I did about a dozen (yeah, I should get better at counting, lol) breast stroke laps before reverting to freestyle. Another dozen laps until I started to promise myself it was the last one. As much as I wanted to go home and get started with my weekend activities, the water was so pleasant and I was flowing so well that I kept extending my swim, like a sleepyhead pushing the snooze button again and again. A quick sauna session just to get my money's worth and I was on my way home.

My leg muscles were a bit tense this morning after yesterday's amazing training, but the swim really loosened me up. Another reason why I like swimming so much!

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