Thursday, April 16, 2009

Favorite 10k

I intended to train at lunchtime but a meeting ran late so I decided to wait until after work since I had about an hour to kill anyways before a social mixer (PC way to say happy hour :) with some of my colleagues.

Anyways, after work I was really happy to try my favorite 10k around my workplace. The snow has finally melted enough for the path to be available. The scenery on this course is amazing. I get to see all the Ottawa Landmarks: the Library and Archives building, the Parliament, National Gallery, Chateau Laurier, the Locks, the canal, etc. This path has also many good memories. I ran this path at least twice a week 2 years ago when I was ramping up my training before my injury. This is where I first broke the 45 minutes mark for the 10k distance. I'm still not quite back at that level yet but I'm confident I can get get back and break that mark once again.

The course itself has everything I could wish for training. There's hills at the locks where I can build some strength and there's also plenty of flat space where I can do intervals to increase my speed. There's even waterfountains every now and then, though they are not open yet at this time in the season. The path is quite heavily frequented but I've never felt it crowded, even at lunchtime when all the public servants are out for a stroll.

I go through Portage Bridge and then use the pathway beside the Ottawa river to go to the locks at the canal. I follow the canal crossing at Pretoria bridge where I turn around and follow the canal again crossing at Somerset. I cross the canal again at the locks and then use the Alexandra bridge back to Gatineau where I finish on the trail beside the Ottawa river.
I did a very respectable time, especially at the end of a long day. TIP Singles in the mix.

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