Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In search of the greenest sport drink

Earth Day is a good day to reflect on our habits and try to make some changes to minimize our environmental footprint. One of the thing I noticed as an amateur athlete is that I go through a lot of sport drinks! I always cringe when I throw a bottle in the recycling bin after a run. I always feel guilty, thinking that it is such a waste to have the container used only once. So I found a solution that will help me turn this:
into this:
So by using a powder version of my favorite sport drinks, I can save up 18 bottles! The drink bottle I use now can probably be reused for at least a year and it features a much better sprout. Having to find sport drink crystal will limit the flavors that I have available but I have found some new brands that don't offer the liquid version anyways so my exploration will continue. I will update you once I find the perfect mix :)

The bottles pictured above are of the low sugar version that I still haven't found available in crystal format. I may have to just find out what the active ingredients are and make my own substitute if I cannot find a way to get it without the plastic bottles.

For those that are interested in following suit, the drink crystal actually turn out to be cheaper and they are available at some groceries for the mainstream brands and at sport/nutrition stores for the more specialized brands. Turns out that I even save money in the end. All I had to do was change my shopping habits!

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