Saturday, April 18, 2009

Swim and Run

I don't know if I can call what I did today a Biathlon, but I went for a swim and then hit the trails for short detour on my way home. The pool was quite busy since there are no Saturday lane swims at GRC. Once I started swimming it got a bit better as people realized they didn't need to be in the only reserved lane if all they were doing was floating around. Still, with the few swimmers doing laps at different speeds, I couldn't go full tilt. I did my 750m in about 25 minutes, so it's not that bad. I lounged around another 20 minutes doing breast stroke and then left for my run:
I took a section of the Trans Canada Trail going west until I saw a nice path that led North. I didn't expect to do trail running when I woke up this morning but it was a great run. The trees are budding and the water is flowing in the creeks. It's a very beautiful and enchanting setting. The rain kept its distance even though the gypsies at the various weather bureaus have been calling for it. Going North I eventually hit Hazeldean and came back to civilization with the associated busyness and noise of cars and trucks. It wasn't long until I reached home where I will take a warm bath and relax for a while, I think I earned it!

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in the mix (during the run, no music while I swim!)

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