Monday, April 27, 2009

Violent Weather

Well well, I've achieved a new record on the violent weather scale: 43km/h winds with 61km/h gusts. No wonder it felt like uphill the whole way home. What is causing all these crazy winds this year? Hopefully it's not a sign of things to come during the summer.

The ride to work this morning was pretty normal, clocking in at about 1h02m. I had some soreness in my left knee, the same type I experience on Saturday. I don't know why this knee is finicky these days but I think I'll have to slow down my training a bit to let it heal. I'll focus on stretching and do some crunches to strengthen the area and hopefully I'll be back to normal in no time and ready for the race in a month. Tomorrow's calling for rain anyways, so it's the perfect excuse to go to the pool.

The ride home was hellish. Yes, Hellish. Days like today really make me miss the time where I lived downtown. Having to go against a 43km/h wind for 26km is definitively not my idea of fun. It's probably not even good training since I can't get into a proper stride.
Yellow Magnetic Star's Mandala of Sound, Zodiac Youth's Devil's Circus and Patchwork's Diorama in the mix.

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