Saturday, April 25, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

I could make all kinds of excuses for today's run. I could say that the weather was too warm and humid or that the gusty winds preceding the likely storm made it more difficult. I could blame my lack of preparation in both rest time and nutrition/hydration. I could also say that I cut it short since my left knee was acting up again. Ultimately, there are no valid excuses necessary. If I had a team, I would have let them down. Fortunately, it's only me in the room. I had a bad run, that's all. I will put it behind me and learn from it so that I can do better next time.

I went to the Palladium Auto Park. This is the best place near Mattamy's Fairwinds project to go running. The sidewalks are all there in the loop which is a rare thing in these corners. The loop itself is almost a perfect kilometer so it makes it really easy to ramp the distance up and it's only about a kilometer away from the houses so it's easy to go home when you've had enough. On top of that, it's a one way street so cars are very easy to avoid.
The first few kilometers weren't that bad, but at kilometer 4, even though I had drank almost 750ml already, I was still thirsty. And then at kilometer 5, I couldn't ignore my left knee's distress signals anymore, so I decided to head on home. I guess any training is better than no training. I will definitively make up for it next time.

Trold's Once Upon a Time... in the mix.

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