Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Swim

I found myself stranded downtown for about 2 hours today so I found a pool that was open and got my workout in. The pool in question was at the Plant Recreation Centre. Since I had to do with one of their leisure swim timeslot, the training was not the best but it was better than nothing :) As I swam in between the kids jumping from the tarzan rope and the diver using the springboard, I managed to get a good workout and get a start on digesting my easter brunch.

I swam for about 45 minutes, most of it doing freestyle with some breaks once in a while to get some breast strokes in. At the end I enjoyed a nice little dip in the jacuzzi to relax my muscles. The swim was really good to loosen me up after yesterday's run.

As a nice reward after the swim, I went over to the My Sweet Tea bubble tea shop where I sat down to write this very blog entry while enjoying a delicious lychee bubble tea!

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