Saturday, April 11, 2009

Perfect Run

Once in a while, a perfect cocktail of training, a well-rested body, equipment, route selection and weather come together to produce something like this:
A perfect run for me is when I pound the pavement effortlessly, going at a speed that feels both comfortable and speedy. Today's run may be one of my fastest ever for such a long distance. By the 2nd kilometer I suspected I was in for a treat. By the 5th kilometer I knew it would be a good day. At the 10th kilometer I was amazed at how well I was running and when I finally reached the 18th kilometer, I was amazed that I had sustained the effort for that long.

I kept going, putting foot after foot in sync with the music and the environment around me. Call it entranced, the zone, religious experience, whatever you wish, it is special and to be cherished. Runs like today's remind me of why I run. I may only taste this experience once in a blue moon but it makes all the hard work of training worth while.

The speed profile is pretty even with only 2 kms over 5 minutes/km and only one under 4m40s/km:
Entranced by Distance to Goa 7 and Encryption.

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